Connecticut’s Wicked Weather

We get hail, but I’ve never seen hailstones like these

bethany_hail.jpgWeird weather. We are in the midst of weird weather. Let me get it off my chest. I have never seen anything like this late spring/early summer as far as thunderstorms go.

This is not to say Connecticut doesn’t get thunderstorms. We do. Just not as persistently and not as violently as what we’ve been having.

Last night a viewer sent me a photo of very unusual hail. We get hail, but I’ve never seen hailstones like these. I assume there were intra-cloud collisions and these large stones formed by accretion. Those bad boys could have hurt someone.

Before you start to blame Global Warming, please note–we haven’t been that warm. Beyond that, the triggering mechanism has been cold air, not warm, at cloud level.

Anyway, I thought you’d want to know that I too find this weather weird.

4 thoughts on “Connecticut’s Wicked Weather”

  1. We’ve noticed that the storms of late seem to follow I-84 and I-91 across the State. Is that normal? I seem to remember them coming from the northwest most of the time.


  2. A few storms don’t make a trend. Our strongest storms often come from the northwest–like those which produce tornadoes.

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