Lunch With Josh

I always tell Josh we don’t do this often enough. We don’t.

I have lunch with my friend Josh once or twice a year. It’s always good food and better conversation. I’m not sure if Josh knows how much I enjoy these lunches.

He works in print, which is under heavier economic assault than TV. Truth is, we both get the opportunity to kvetch to a sympathetic ear.

We ate sushi at a new restaurant on Chapel Street, not far from his office–across the way from the Green. The food was excellent, especially my spicy salmon roll (which is still emblazoned on my taste buds).

On a beautiful summer’s day the city was teeming with people. Working nights, it’s a scene I don’t often get to see. The city looks better when it’s busy.

I always tell Josh we don’t do this often enough. We don’t.

2 thoughts on “Lunch With Josh”

  1. Hey Geoff, its really nice to hear the comments on the restaurant. My father is the manager/co-owner there, and I am his son, and I run the Sushi on Chapel website. Its really nice to hear you liked the restaurant, opinions either good or bad are always a pleasure to hear. My sister was actually working there today and mentioned she had saw you, so finding this blog is kind of funny. But again, its nice to know you enjoyed the food, and we would love to have you back soon.

  2. I never think the people I write about are going to read what I wrote. Surprise on me!

    The spicy salmon was powerfully spicy in a very flavorful way. It took a few bites before my mouth adjusted to the heat. From there in it was spectacular. A lot of people shy from spicy food, but I’ve grown to enjoy it.

    Your place was a nice discovery for me.

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