Sweating On The Mountain

Think walking with your body draped in a hot, wet towel.

Helaine and I walked Sleeping Giant Mountain early Sunday afternoon. It was hot and sticky–the most uncomfortable since we began. The dew point was easily 70&#176.

Think walking with your body draped in a hot, wet towel.

People are smart when the weather’s problematic. Most stayed home. Trail traffic was off by half, maybe more, from a typical Sunday.

I’ve come to another conclusion about walking, though I’m not sure what significance it has. Our mountain trekking has benefited me from the rib cage down more than from the rib cage up! My legs are taking the walk in stride with little trouble. On the other hand, I still sweat like a pig and wish my lungs would be more efficient in acquiring and using oxygen. I usually finish my bottle of water while we’re resting at the top.

Given half. the chance, I’d be walking every day, It’s really made a difference in how I feel and look. There’s no one more surprised to hear that than me! I never expected results.

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  1. I discovered the same rib cage dividing line, then I bought 1 lb wrist weights. The more I swing my arms the greater the benefit, and I’ve gotten used to looking a bit foolish because it works.

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