Wrong Already

I really enjoyed watching the US take the 4×100 Men’s Swimming Relay. I would not have watched had it not been for Helaine, our designated sports crazy.

The top-5 finishers were all faster than the previous world record. Imagine, you’re swimming faster than the world record time and you don’t even win a medal!

More amazing, how do you catch up to another swimmer in one half a pool length? It was unreal.

2 thoughts on “Wrong Already”

  1. I am the sports crazy in my house. However both my wife and I were yelling at the tv. I was even happier the US won because the French team said they were going to “smash” the US. Take that Frenchies!!

  2. Being the parent of a swimmer, its amazing how quickly they can bridge the distance between themselves and other swimmers. My son was a distance swimmer in high school. One of the events he swam was the 500 (20 laps). It was all a matter of pacing those first laps and saving your energy for the last 5 or so. Of course while pacing yourself, you had to keep up with the others! Often the last lap or two was a total sprint. The first time I saw him compete I was amazed at his speed. I told him if he moved a fraction of the speed out of the water that he did when swimming we would have no issues.

    I wish our entire Olympic team, especially Michael Phelps and the swimmers continued success.

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