Tragic Omission

I forgot to wear a wristwatch today. I will be shaking my left wrist and walking crooked for the rest of the day. Is it just me or is this a common reaction?

3 thoughts on “Tragic Omission”

  1. When I stopped wearing a wristwatch (I got a very cool Swiss Army pocketwatch as a present), it took me months before I stopped feeling naked. Now I wear a bracelet on that wrist and I feel better.

    BTW, I wanted to thank you for your post recently about the Thimble Island Cruises. I had no idea such a thing existed until I read about it here. This afternoon I took my 74 y.o. mom, who is visiting this week from Arizona up to Stony Creek, and we had lunch and then went on a cruise. It was the perfect day for it (as you know :), and we had a wonderful time.

  2. I scoffed at the recent news article saying wristwatches will eventually be a thing of the past – seems sales are down, and many rely on cell phones, computers, etc. for the time.

    I had to stop wearing a watch years ago – regardless of which types I tried, they began causing a small, itchy reaction. It took a long time to get used to being without one. I keep a watch in the car – though I often forget to put it on when going someplace where keeping up with the time would be helpful.

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