Returning To College

It’s the equivalent of moving an Abercrombie and Fitch store from one mall to another.

Our house looks like a combat zone. Thrown over anything that will support weight–clothes. Steffie returns to school this weekend. It’s the equivalent of moving a Juice Couture store from one mall to another. Actually, Juicy or True Religion might come to Stef when they’re short on stock.

When I went to college I wore jeans and t-shirts. Stef does too, but that’s just a small part of her clothing universe.

We will pack a small and medium sized SUV for our college caravan. Then the three of us will haul it up to her dorm room. This year it’s served by an elevator. Last year the elevator stopped one floor below, followed by stairs!

Every year Helaine and I admonish Stef to pack lighter. We say it. We don’t really expect it to happen.

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