Weather Plus Packs Up Its Anemometer

It’s on Channel 248 on my cable system. That’s a problem too.

NBC’s Weather Plus is going off-the-air. If you’re like most people you won’t miss it because you didn’t know it was there.

NBC News President Steve Capus informed the on- and off-air Weather Plus staff headquartered at CNBC facilities in Englewood, N.J., Tuesday morning that the operation would be phased out in stages through the end of the year.

NBC recently bought the Weather Channel–probably the final straw for Weather Plus. Unfortunately, Weather Plus matches up poorly against the Weather Channel. It’s a badly formatted service that provides little not already available and was viewed accordingly. Using a combination of local and national talent the service was neither polished nor compelling.

It’s on Channel 248 on my cable system. That’s a problem too.

I’ve paused a moment to watch Brad Field, hopefully recorded since it’s 3:18 AM. I believe Brad is the longest running ‘main’ weather guy in the market. I wonder if he’ll miss taping these segments?

A friend from another Connecticut station with their own cable weather channel (Channel 247) said he’s gone on-the-air and asked people to email hm, just to say hello. At last check he’d never gotten a viewer response!

So many channels. So much competition.

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