For The Benefit Of Google

I just set up a forward search for Sonia Baghdady from our newsroom. Now any time she’s mentioned on the web she should get an email. I think that includes this time!

Didja’ get the email Sonia?

3 thoughts on “For The Benefit Of Google”

  1. Would she get an email if I say “Sonia Baghdady is a fox” or “I would fight Darren Kramer for a date with Sonia Baghdady” in the comments?

  2. Got it “I am Americana”…

    thanks! 😉

    BTW– don’t even bother getting in the ring with Kramer… no contest, you’d win.

  3. Hello sonia..I wake up every morning to you….You are the best news person on TV….I have to say the most beautiful woman on this earth….keep up the good work….Mike from Preston.. love to hear from you….

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