The Months Of Dread Begin

Now the months of dread begin. I hate winter.

Have you been out tonight? Holy crap–it’s winter! The temperature’s low. The wind’s blowing. Some parts of the state (not here) are getting snow showers.

I brought Helaine’s car to work today. My little roller skate has zero traction in any kind of bad weather. It’s spun out in flurries (really-no hyperbole).

Now the months of dread begin. I hate winter. I hate cold. People find that strange. A meteorologist should love active weather they say. Not me.

8 thoughts on “The Months Of Dread Begin”

  1. I am jealous – we have not had a day below 80 – Max and I have headaches from the dry hot weather and we have out off pumpkin carving until the last minute since they rot so fast in the heat. I have been looking at my sweaters every day with longing. Wish I was at your house!

  2. when my weather guy says it’s winter in October…never mind, I get it.

    The end of Daylight Savings Time is the one that bums me out the most.

  3. It has been quite cold here in the Midwest as well, although as far as I can remember, it has never snowed on my birthday (tomorrow) and weather reports indicate the weather will be warmer tomorrow, so my record will hold.

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