John McCain On Saturday Night Live

If you don’t want to vote–don’t.

I watched most of Saturday Night Live tonight starting with the cold open. Earlier today I’d read a reporter on the political trail with John McCain who said McCain was starting to look tired. That was not evident tonight.

Say what you will about politics and policy–this was a gutsy move for McCain and i think he was rewarded by a script that was, by and large, complimentary to him and his cause. And he showed a good sense of humor… or more succinctly, didn’t seem like the “Hey you kids, off my lawn” old guy he’s often portrayed as.

Maybe I’m too politically immersed this season, but how can anyone still be undecided?

The candidates, their policies, their styles–totally different. It’s a young, liberal, black guy versus an old, conservative, white guy. Have we ever seen that before on a national stage?

I worry about the undecided. Are they conflicted or just so removed from the world around them their indecision is a product of their lack of knowledge. How much racism is involved? I know it’s there, but I suspect it’s inconsequential. I’m not saying there aren’t large numbers, but these people wouldn’t have voted for any Democrat.

Every year at election time, but especially for the presidential elections, there are get out the vote drives. I’m a non-believer. The real goal should educate the vote. Why do we want people to vote out of a sense of guilt? Shouldn’t voting be motivated by intellectual conviction?

If you don’t want to vote–don’t.

Blogger’s note – A long comment that was originally attached to this entry has been deleted. It was heavily in support of John McCain. I have no problem with that. However, I removed the message because, as is pointed out below, it was not original content and has been posted on dozens of other sites. My policy is original content only.

3 thoughts on “John McCain On Saturday Night Live”

  1. Wow Geoff, You got Rush Limbaugh to comment on your blog. Way to go!

    That’s the longest “comment” I’ve ever seen here.

    If nothing else, it’s nice to see such passion about the election.

  2. Wow, that wasn’t just the longest post I’ve seen on this blog, it’s the longest SPAM post I’ve seen on this blog. Just go to google and type in:

    “Also, Senator Obama pulled a cheap shot on Senator McCain”

    (used the quotation marks to search the exact phrase as used in the above post)

    Your search results should show at least a couple, if not more, of this exact same essay posted in other blog site comments…by Tuesday, I’d imagine this poster could cut & paste this hundreds of times.

  3. I want to correct myself – when I googled it, it didn’t show me the all of duplicates – this essay has appeared 46 times so far in blog comment postings.

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