View From The Top–Sleeping Giant


Part of the reason we walk Sleeping Giant all the time is the beauty. Here’s a shot I took Tuesday near the tower at the end of the ‘easy’ trail. It was a cloudy day which often provides a more interesting shot than bright and sunny. This is an HDR image which helps bring out contrasts that do exist but arne’t easily captured in a single image.

There’s a lot to see now that wasn’t visible a few weeks ago. Obviously there’s some color, but most of the trees are now bare. It’s going to start getting a lot more windy at the top.

With the weather getting cooler (it was in the upper 40s when we set out) I am wearing a light sweatshirt, ‘fingertipless’ gloves, wrap around earmuffs and shorts! I figure this outfit is good for another ten degrees.

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