A Night At Palazzo

If that was the night, I’d be very upset. There was more and things got better in a hurry.

In Vegas, when a hotel is a success the logical next step is to build an addition–something complementary and big. Palazzo is that second step for the Venetian. it’s all part of the empire of Sheldon Adelson and it’s spectacular

“[O]ne of my closest friends says, Sheldon, don’t worry about your height. You’re the tallest person I know when you stand on your wallet.”

IMG_3995.jpgPalazzo is across-the-street from the Mirage, so we hoofed it there for dinner at Sushi Samba. Very trendy. Very dark. Disappointing. The food was fine but the service was not. We felt abandoned. That shouldn’t happen in an expensive restaurant where they should understand your meal is an event.

If that was the night, I’d be very upset. There was more and things got better in a hurry. We went to see Jersey Boys, the Broadway show which is a ‘house act’ at Palazzo.

IMG_4011.jpgJersey Boys is the story of The Four Seasons. It benefits from a very strong score. How often do you enter the theater humming the tunes? But it’s the rich story on top of the score that makes it… and the company–especially Rick Faugno as Frankie Valli and Erich Bergen as Bob Gaudio.

I played all these songs when I worked in radio. I knew Frankie Valli, but knew nothing of Bob Gaudio beyond his name. Now he is fleshed out.

This was a “Team Helaine”‘ effort. That means she knew the exact moment the tickets went on sale. We (the eight of us) were in the second and third rows.

And, there’s still time for poker. Is this a wonderful country or what?ri

One thought on “A Night At Palazzo”

  1. Geoff,

    I’m surprised that you hadn’t seen JERSEY BOYS on Broadway… glad you caught the Vegas company. Erich Bergen is perfect for the Bob Gaudio role — I had the pleasure of interviewing him when the show’s first national touring company was put together in 2006. A very affable guy.

    You’re right how JERSEY BOYS gives you a real sense of the real Gaudio. Having interviewed a ton of musical figures over the years, I can say with certainty that Gaudio is one of the few geniuses I’ve met. (Burt Bacharach is the other.) Among all rock-era composers, few understand how to construct a melody and have it grab your ears and emotions as well as Gaudio. Temperamentally, he’s very much like Joe Torre (in fact, they have similar speech patterns)…very calm, very thoughtful. Almost zen-like.

    BTW, the current Frankie Valli on Broadway, Jarrod Spector, is a Philadelphia native.

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