Close To A Bullseye–Thankfully

We were on for two and a half hours this afternoon. I was on… who knows? A lot. Too much. Does it matter?

Amazingly today’s snow is about to come to an end. It’s outta here early, but on target for accumulation–even the little bit of sleet on the coast came as forecast.

This is as close to a bullseye as I get. I can’t let it get me complacent. I haven’t totally mastered Mother Nature yet.

We were on for two and a half hours this afternoon. I was on… who knows? A lot. Every other block. Too much. Does it matter?

In a situation like this there is a rundown. I don’t always see it, but even if I did there are so many hits it’s tough to remember from moment-to-moment. A producer will come and talk to me about the first hit in their show, but still two hits from now. Why bother? I will nod and try my best but I’m up to my eyeballs.

When the station rebuilt our in-studio weather presence they added a working Weather Center and pod area adjacent to the anchors. In both these I can be on-camera while having access to the computers that will be on-the-air. This is an amazing help. I never would have guessed the extent.

I am now exhausted. Isn’t that weird. It’s not like I was stacking boxes or doing something physically tiring. I’m still exhausted.

Glad this came on a Friday and not a Monday.

3 thoughts on “Close To A Bullseye–Thankfully”

  1. What’s scary Geoff, that you had it right on the timing when it came. I guess your getting very accurate and very precise.

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