A Blanket Too Thin

This is a sweet looking snow. The flakes are very tiny. There’s been little wind. Right now it looks like a blanket.


Helaine got home from the airport early. She has not left the house since. I’ve been in pajamas all day. It is snowing.

As much as I dislike snow, right now I am upset my forecast came in heavy. Yeah, that’s right. I’m upset we didn’t get more!

This is a sweet looking snow. The flakes are very tiny. There’s been little wind. Right now the fallen snow looks like a blanket.

I took the photo that accompanies this post at 11:08 pm. I just opened the door and put the camera on the top step. It’s a 10mm lens–wide angle. I used no flash, but kept the shutter open 30 seconds. It’s been color corrected, sharpened and brightened in Photoshop.

There was snow falling at the time, but lightly. In a 30 second exposure no portion of the frame is covered long enough to spoil the view. The snow disappears.

I like the fact that the snow was totally untouched when this was taken.

2 thoughts on “A Blanket Too Thin”

  1. Geoff,

    For what its worth, no one got this one right. The models said it was going to snow…and then the models changed. Other than following model guidance, what else can you do?

    That picture is amazing! You never cease to amaze me with your blending of technology and photography.

  2. Hi Geoff:

    Your pictures are beautiful. I read your blog from time to time and know you are really into photography. So I have a question for you. Do you know of a place that sells used digital cameras? My daughter is taking a Photojournalism class and was chosen to do a class in Sicily for a week. She needs a Digital SLR camera 8mp. Her instructor recommends a Rebel XT. He likes Canon. Since my daughter really does not have much experience in photography and I am not sure if she will go into the field, I would like to go used if possible.



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