Back From The City


I had a great time in the city Thursday. I’ll write about it more later. I was gone early and home late. The train time alone was nearly four hours. Ugh. I wish New York City was closer.

For a winter day this was fine. It was cold but sunny and the city streets were dry.

Right now I’m exhausted. Details will dribble over the next day or so. I went to two very different places, and the New York Stock Exchange. Both were very cool.

2 thoughts on “Back From The City”

  1. Oh my… I just sat down to look my favorite blogs after downing a nice glass of merlot. When I logged on, I almost fell off the chair. This is a very “moving” photo… It gives me the same feeling as when I look up in the city! Geoff, your photos are always a pleasure to view! Thanks for sharing!

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