Dodd’s Goose Is Cooked

Dodd’s goose is cooked. He’s in a pretty deep hole.

We had Senator Christopher Dodd on Channel 8 this afternoon talking about the AIG bonuses. This isn’t a Channel 8 website. I am writing for myself alone, but I thought Mark did a really good job.

Dodd danced around Mark’s tough questions but it was obvious he had little wiggle room. At one point during the interview, while Dodd was obviously obfuscating, Davis raised his voice to put the Senator back on track.

A fuller admission by Dodd came out in his next interview seconds later with Wolf Blitzer. I suspect it was because Dodd realized he had no believable defense as Mark grilled him.

Dodd’s goose is cooked. He’s in a pretty deep hole. He was already facing a serious challenge from Rob Simmons and others. Two years out, his chances look bad.

This is also a deep wound to the Obama administration. Trust is graded pass/fail. Today they failed.

6 thoughts on “Dodd’s Goose Is Cooked”

  1. In this day and age, when dozens of people have been tripped up by lying, it speaks volumes that our esteemed Senator has been unable to learn from history. Doubly so when he was already on the hot seat for his questionable mortgage practices. Could he possibly be that stupid? Rhetorical question, of course.

    It is even sadder that he has been re-elected. Will we, as voters, learn no lessons from this?

  2. Stan –

    I read the article you cited and appreciate you including it.

    In our country with three co-equal branches of government, Dodd must be held responsible for his actions no matter his motivation. If asked last week I’m sure he would have said, “I’m my own man and answer only to the people of Connecticut.” Whether that was true or not then, it obviously is not true today.

    Backbone and commitment to principle count.

  3. Not to be lost here is the fact that only someone of the nature of Mark Davis has the knowledge of the interviewee, the command of the subject and the professionalism to do this job here. Kudos to him. He’s always been the best.

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