Light At The End Of The Tunnel

We have been torn apart and under construction since December. Walls have been ripped out and replaced. The kitchen has often been unusable for days at a time.

I especially feel bad for Helaine who is neat and organized as a rule. Construction made that impossible. I know that’s taken a toll.

Today the painters said goodbye. What was wallpaper is now painted. Their part of the job is through. The rooms look more modern. I was last to get the memo wallpaper had gone out-of-style. Most of the cabinets are back up on the wall too.

Still to come, some minor odds-and-ends electrical work that needed to wait for the cabinets and the not so minor refinishing of our hardwood floors.

I look at our house and think of it as our ‘new house’… and it was when we moved in about 20-years ago.

Meanwhile, it will be nice to have our house back the way Helaine likes it and though we’ve been lucky to have very nice people working in it, it will be nice to have our house to ourselves.

Just a few more weeks.

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