The Case Of The Ill Sized Mattes

This is some cruel Swedish trick, right Ikea?

With our freshly refurbed kitchen Helaine decided to get rid of some veggie art we’d had hanging for years. This was my opening. I had the four shots from this earlier blog entry blown up to 8×10″. Now all I need is a frame.

Tonight, with gorgeous weather, I took off after the 6:00 PM news and headed to Ikea. They have frames like it’s going out-of-style (Of course their fervent desire is it doesn’t go out-of-style, but that’s another story for another day).

In much the same way Dennys forces you to call thing by their strange names (“Moons Over My Hammy”), Ikea’s products are named in Swedish (I think).

The frames I like, with mattes, are called “Ribba.” The mattes are 8.25×10.75″. What kind of size is that? This is some cruel Swedish trick, right Ikea?

A matte that’s larger than the photo is worthless! I will go elsewhere. I have to go elsewhere. It’s a necessity thing, not anger–though I am perplexed.

Here’s my question. Why?

8×10″ is a standard size for photos. 8.5×11″ is a standard size for looseleaf notebook paper. Is there that large a market in framing midterm essays?

Again, my question. Why? Or, in the original Swedish–Varför?

3 thoughts on “The Case Of The Ill Sized Mattes”

  1. Geoff,

    2 Places. 1 is Target, the other is Michaels Arts and Crafts. I have found awesome frames at both. Some Michaels stores [like Meriden] have a full framing shop in the back of the store where framing “experts” will “do thier magic” for a low price…

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