The Cruelty of April

It’s April. It’s not supposed to do this in April.

This is among the nastiest nights I can remember in a long time. It’s rainy and windy and raw.

It’s April. It’s not supposed to do this in April.

My friends in California will tell me how it was uncomfortably hot today (100&#176 in Long Beach for an all-time April record is a good example). I would take that in a second. This weather just sucks.

2 thoughts on “The Cruelty of April”

  1. I agree completely. Here in southern Minnesota we had temps in the low 40s all day, and at a few times during the day, I had ICE PELLETS hitting my windshield as I was driving around. This is not what I wanted to see in April.

    By the end of the week, we’re supposed to rebound into the low- to mid-70s. I love this crazy time of year!

  2. Just back from Arizona on a family vacation.

    We were in Phoenix, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon. On Friday we left the Grand Canyon…temp in the 40’s, sunny, but snow on the ground…went through San Francisco mountains outside of Flagstaff, plenty of snow on the ground. Down to Sedona, 70’s and sunny. Finally in Phoenix, 80’s and sunny. All within the span of 250 miles.

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