The Heartbreak Of Non-Dairy Creamers

They stay fresh without refrigeration. That’s scary.

Between shows I went for a tiny cup of coffee in the break room. I know it’s late. Coffee has little effect on me.

Two quarters in the machine. Coffee packet in the little slot. Cup under the spout. As the coffee brewed I went to the ‘fridge for a few “Mini Moos.” These are tiny sealed cups of cream.

They stay fresh without refrigeration. That’s scary.

There were no Moos!

On top of the coffee machine was non-dairy creamer. Uh oh–that smacks of permanence.

There are a few little things in life I like being particular about. This is one of them. Coffee is served at its best… its unhealthiest with cream (or half and half–but only under extreme duress). What can I do?

No more coffee in the break room for me.

(This entry originally said “diary” instead of “dairy.” Spellcheckers aren’t dumb checkers – Geoff).

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