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I am often followed and have no idea why! Is it OK to ask what they see in me… in 140 characters?

I am active on both Twitter and Facebook. Yesterday my friend Jon Wolfert added this note below a photo I’d posted:

Re: relentless Facebook and Twitter posters… I don’t understand how you’re supposed to live your own life if you spend all the time you have reading about what someone else is doing with theirs. Does anyone actually have time to read all this stuff every day? Do they do anything else?”

I think this is why I’ve tried to limit my Facebook friends to real friends. When you are Facebook friendly with 3,000 or 4,000 people (Yes–I work with someone who has 4,000 friends on Facebook!) how do you see anything but noise. My 300 is more than optimum. Facebook allows you to secretly silence some… and I have, though not yet enough.

I’ve about had it with the “Top-5” and other lists on Facebook. I’m with Jon on that.

The discourse on Twitter, though limited to 140 characters at a time, is much smarter than what I read on Facebook. Maybe it’s because the people I read on Twitter don’t have to approve of me! Seriously–I mean that.

Recently both services have seen the amount of spam or other miscreant content rise rapidly. This morning a Facebook friend ‘s account was hacked and everyone on her list got an email sending them to a site which asks you to download a Flash plug-in which is really a trojan!

With Twitter its emails from people following you who turn out to have nothing but a URL for a spammy product on their profile page.

Speakng of Twitter, I am often followed and have no idea why! Is it OK to ask what they see in me… in 140 characters?

2 thoughts on “Twitter and Facebook”

  1. I just recently passed 1000 twitter followers. I suspect they follow me so I’ll follow them back, thus increasing their number of followers. There seems to be this mantra on twitter that the more followers you have, the better. Periodically I unfollow people, and within a day or so, they in turn have unfollowed me.

  2. Twitter and Facebook both are fast growing social networking website today. Twitter have features like follow which really helpful to exchange messages with friends and interact with them, While Facebook provide more features under one platform

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