My Phirst Phish

I know a lot about Camden, NJ. I know very little about Phish.

phish.jpgEarlier this evening I crossed paths with Daniel, one of our directors. In the glamorous world of TV his days off are Monday and Tuesday. He’s just gotten back from Camden, NJ where he went to a Phish concert.

I know a lot about Camden, NJ. I know very little about Phish.

Not wanting to seem totally unhip I asked a few questions and pretended to have some knowledge. I’ve heard the name Phish. I’m not totally removed from contemporary culture.

Daniel had already obtained a recording of the show he saw. He asked if I wanted to hear the CD. I said, “Sure,” and before long a hand labeled disk was thrust at me.

Here’s what I quickly learned about Phish: “Audience taping is permitted at all shows..” Wow! Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. Selling music seems to be a dead business model.

This is a band with a following. I’m arriving ‘already-in-progress’ which becomes obvious as the crowd knowingly applauds each new song.

Their music is rock with a country feel. I like it and will probably listen again. Thanks Daniel. Thanks Phish.

5 thoughts on “My Phirst Phish”

  1. The Phish community knows how to use technology to their advantage. As Daniel knows, you can download an audience recording 2 or 3 hours after a show. If you’ve resisted the song-by-song updates from the band’s crew on Twitter, or #phish feedback from people at the show, there are even “no spoiler” downloads. They come without song titles, so you can listen without knowing what song is coming up next.

  2. Camden is the bomb! haha totally kidding. you should learn more about Phish because their music is funky and like no other! IF you want to touch up on your Phish also..Fuse is airing their TV concert special tomorrow (Saturday) at 4pm. THe Live from Clifford Ball show–woohoo! Check out what songs they are gonna play. also check what channel it is for you here since it’s different all around: Channel Finder

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