All Hell Broke Loose

We had multiple tornado warnings simultaneously. All hell broke loose.

Wow. What an afternoon. Severe weather moved into Connecticut and just kept building. Hail, severe thunderstorms, strong winds with trees down and a little flooding. We had multiple tornado warnings simultaneously. All hell broke loose.

It’s quieter now.

I was going to write something about Michael Jackson–and probably will tomorrow. Right now I’m trying to ramp myself down.

4 thoughts on “All Hell Broke Loose”

  1. You all did great, top knotch job. I was actually annoyed when the emergency alert system interrupted you guys to tell us the same exact thing you all told us about 3 minutes before.

  2. I was on the Sikorsky Bridge when all hell broke loose! Wow! I can’t ever remember being in the middle of a thunderstorm like that. Incredible rain. Multiple lighting bolts. Instantaneous thunder. No wind though which I thought was odd.

    I had just left Orange Hills golf course after they suspended play. Being out on the course gave me views of the clouds rolling in that I’ve never seen before. Gave me a new definition of ominous.

  3. Here is something a bit strange:

    I was pulling onto I-95 North at exit 54 in Branford at around 5:30 PM. I heard the NWS emergency alert tone go off…then the message said there was a possable tornado moving east and would be near Chester in the coming 10-15 minutes or so. I was going about 60- mph northbound by this time.

    I was down near Exit 63 (just below Chester or so, we road into an aera with a full sky view for miles, as I looked toward the NNW…I saw what looked like a lowered cloud base and it was rotating. It was white and towering. The sky was the strangest I have ever seen it. There was no thunder and no lighting. The rotation was even slowing some of the northbound traffic down, as drivers must have see it ( I don’t think those coiming southbound could see it).

  4. Is it my imagination or are thunderstorms more intense in this part of the country when compared to 20, 30 or 40 years ago?

    Last night’s mini-monsoon struck the Bridgeport area with such ferocity — and at the worst possible time, coinciding with the local high tide around 6pm.

    While we can measure rain accumulation and wind velocity, is there another means to gauge intensity? Or is that too much of a subjective term?

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