Playing Games With The New Computer

It’s given away with my video card to demonstrate the card’s power. Mission accomplished!

Call_of_Duty.PNGAt the moment the new computer seems to be running perfectly. Of course that means I’m going to retry installing Windows 7. I keeping fixing stuff until it’s truly broken!

Meanwhile this PC came with Call of Duty, World at War. Last night I loaded it.

I am not a gamer. Looking at what’s on this disk totally blew me away.

First, if you’re a parent and your children are playing games like this you should know the game is overflowing with gratuitous, often depraved, violence. Yes, it’s a game, but I actually covered my eyes during the setup video when a Japanese soldier tortured then slit the throat of an American POW on a Pacific atoll during WWII.

The game play is amazing. This is a “first person shooter.” The motion is fluid and the scenes are detailed. With moody and often underexposed lighting less detail seems like more.

It’s given away with my video card to demonstrate the card’s power. Mission accomplished!

The game is controlled by the keyboard and mouse. Though I had a joystick at the ready (and was hoping to use it) it’s unneeded.

So far I’ve been through one scene and have advanced (and died numerous times) in the second. I’m not sure how far the game goes or whether there is a finite end point where you win?

It’s addictive. Are you happy Activision? Just what I needed another useless timesink!

After playing this evening I decided to watch the credits. There are hundreds of people involved–often in jobs whose title does little to convey to me what they actually do! The names read like a United Nations roster… except they’re 95% male. Maybe that shouldn’t be a surprise.

I’m not sure which will come first. Will I fight my way to the end or just lose interest? Right now I’m not making any bets. I really don’t know. It can go either way.

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  1. Yes, there is an ending to the game. You will complete a certain number of missions and then you are done. Typically, the end of these games is at a historic battle. I didn’t start playing these games until I was 25 (7 years ago). They are certainly a time sink, but fun! I tell my wife “well, I’m off to liberate Europe….someone has to do it!”


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