Something I’d Like To Do

There’s something I’ve wanted to do since getting heavily into photography. I don’t know how to go about making it happen so I’ll throw it out here with the thought one of you can help.

I’d like to go out with the “harbor pilot” as he meets a large ship and brings it into New Haven, New London or Bridgeport.

I would guess there’s some sort of “at sea” transfer to get from the little pilot boat to the big ship. OK–that part’s a little scary, but I’d do it to get my shots.

Can you help? Let me know.

3 thoughts on “Something I’d Like To Do”

  1. I’ve done something like this before – once across the Great Lakes on an ore boat, and once down the Mississippi on a tow boat pushing 15 barges. In both cases I knew someone senior at the companies, and asked a favor. But with your extensive portfolio and press credential, you would have a great shot. You should check with the harbor masters. You’ll have more problems with their insurance companies (and maybe your friends at Homeland Security) than making the transfer on board! And you would have a blast!!!


  2. I have received a few emails like this. I really don’t know anyone and if there is an ‘official’ position of harbor master I can’t find it.

    So, again, I ask your help.


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