You Don’t Write About Roxie Anymore

We’ve all given blood to Roxie–never in anger.


“You don’t write about Roxie anymore,” was Stef’s complaint to me yesterday. I hadn’t realized until then I’m the Roxie beat writer.

Last week Helaine noticed Roxie was missing a tooth. Just like a child the first baby teeth to fall are the front teeth.

She is still a puppy. She is still teething and biting everything, though less than before. We’ve all given blood to Roxie–never in anger.

Roxie sleeps with Stef now. The puppy is about the same temperature as a small nuclear reactor. She will come in handy during the winter!

2 thoughts on “You Don’t Write About Roxie Anymore”

  1. I’m really happy that Stef said something because I’ve really been missing the Roxie updates. There is nothing better than a warm puppy on your feet on a cold night. I think we, as dog owners, should be allowed an energy credit on our taxes since we can keep our thermostats lower…

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