Ted And Scott Run The Big Race

I’ll bet my lunch break today was different than yours!


I’ll bet my lunch break today was different than yours!

I’m not sure how it started but Ted Koppy, grownup news anchor, ran a 100 yard dash against Scott McGowan, significantly younger sports producer. Could the father of two beat the young challenger?

We headed to a darkened Wilbur Cross High School track to find out.

The photo speaks for itself. Though behind at the gate, Ted rallied to win by two strides.

Was there ever a doubt?

So, how was your lunch?

2 thoughts on “Ted And Scott Run The Big Race”

  1. Ahhh, the circle of life. The young need to know when to challenge, and their elders need to know when to relinquish. Koppy looks to have quite a bit of time yet on top of the mountain.

  2. This one made me laugh Geoff and I had to forward it to Lisa in Customer Service. The same thing happened here just over a month ago between Lisa and me. The topic came up about who was faster, between us. She was very cocky that is was her. Although I am the old, out of shape guy with 3 kids and she is the young athletic 20 something I took her up on her challenge. We ended up running outside on the sidewalk with many spectators from our building. Well, just as happened at your workplace, the old dog won. It then led to about 6 more races that day as people started challenging each other.



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