“She Did That Last Night,” Helaine Said (Laughing A Little)

“She did that last night,” Helaine said (laughing a little).

Stef was away last night. That meant Roxie spent the night in our bed. She went upstairs with Helaine and was there when I walked into the bedroom around 3:30 AM.

Roxie is still a puppy and is stimulated. I was there. She wanted to play.

I quickly fell asleep. I’m not so sure about Roxie. Knowing Helaine is a light sleeper, Roxie would have had to lay down before Helaine could close her eyes.

Today dawns. Stef comes home. Helaine’s awake. We’re all schmoozing in the bedroom when Roxie makes a leap toward the little pull-out shelf next to my side of the bed. Immediately she goes for my PureSleep&#185 mouthguard and starts to lick and chew it.


“She did that last night,” Helaine said (laughing a little).

“And you washed it off?” I asked.

“Uh… no.”

There’s no good way to end this post, is there?

&#185 – I continue to wear this nightly. It is still a little uncomfortable, but doesn’t inhibit my sleep at all. Helaine says I have removed it from my mouth in the middle of the night (and begin snoring immediately). I suppose the longer I wear it the easier it will get.

If it quiets me down and lets Helaine get some more rest it’s absolutely worth it.

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