Working Early

Napping on demand is a great skill to have.

speedometer and clock.jpgHere I am at work. I got about and hour and a half sleep. Actually I’m doing better than I thought.

The photo is my speedometer/tachometer/clock as I left the house. Just to verify it was around 4:00 AM

Napping on demand is a great skill to have.

2 thoughts on “Working Early”

  1. As I said last post, Geoff, good luck with this…hang in there as bed you can. I miss seeing you guys down there in the mornings since I am in New Hampshire.

    Take good care of yourself and travel safe back and forth from WTNH to home…

  2. Geoff Geoff

    I get up every day at 4 am for work and don’t get home until 6:30 pm and then have to make supper and, clean and deal with family and in bed at 11 am all to do it over again 5-6 days a week. Just to make ends meet.

    And when I’m at work its on demand 8-10 hours a day. At least you are not on the air 8-10 hours consecutively all day, Nap whats that. I’m with students all those hours. You have to be alert at all times.


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