Roxie And Me On A Quiet Saturday

Roxie is still a puppy. She needs to run around even though she shouldn’t


Stef is at the mall. Helaine is at the market. It is raining&#185. It’s just Roxie and me at home.

Since her surgery we’ve had to keep a close eye on Roxie. No jumping. No running. No biting around her sutures. Mostly that responsibility has fallen on Helaine and Stef. Today it’s my turn.

Roxie is still a puppy. She needs to run around even though she shouldn’t. Thankfully she stayed calm and rested first in the crook of my arm then in my lap as I worked on the computer.

richard-gere.jpgNow we’ve moved to the foyer where she’s playing with a few toys. She has one with strands of rope poking out of a golf ball sized sphere. Helaine and Stef think it looks like a famous actor and have taken to calling it Richard Gere. Sorry Richard. This isn’t your most flattering portrayal.

Roxie’s post-op ‘lampshade collar’ has been taken off. i feel awful when she needs it.

Last night at work Tracey (Tallulah’s mom) lent me an inflatable collar which serves the same purpose but in a much less invasive way. It’s at the ready should Roxie go after the stitches.

We’re planning on taking Roxie to the Juvenile Diabetes walk tomorrow. I think she’ll enjoy it. I know we’ll enjoy having her there.

&#185 – Since I said it would rain today, in fact made a big deal of it the past few days, I’m ecstatic it’s raining. Accuracy has become more important than personal comfort.

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