You Have No Idea How Pissed I Am!

You have no idea how pissed I am at the moment. In the general scheme of things this is small peanuts–stick with me anyway.

A little while ago I posted my entry on the JDRF walk. A few minutes later a comment from “Alyssa” showed up.

that is a really great cause.

I was looking for something to donate to this year and I think I might have found it.

I read that and felt pretty good. Wouldn’t you? My little blog will benefit kids (and adults) with diabetes.

As is always the case Alyssa’s comment was accompanied by her email address. As is sometimes the case the address of her website was included too.

I wanted to see who this philanthropist was so I entered the URL.

Oh, I saw!

Splayed down the page was picture after picture of a young woman in various states of undress.

Don’t get me wrong. I am no prude. What adults do is their own business–even on the ‘net. And this stuff was tame compared to other things I’ve stumbled over.

Maybe Alyssa was making a contribution from the fruits of her self-shot labor?

I clicked one of photos. The link made it look like it was fetching data from elsewhere on the site, but what it really did was transfer me to a ‘cheaters’ dating page. Its title reads: “World’s Best Personals for Sexy Adult Dating.”

Here’s what was going on:

  • “Alyssa” got her URL on my site… and in a flattering way likely to get clicks.
  • People on my site go to her site to learn more about this fine woman.
  • Finding ‘almost porn’ they click to see more. (Sorry, human nature trumps all)
  • Surfers now end up on the dating site which pays “Alyssa” cash for each hit!

The reason I know this is ‘affiliate referral spam’ is because “Alyssa’s” URL is embedded in the dating site’s URL.

I have run a website for nearly a decade. I understand comment spam and do my best to prevent it. Comments like this are deleted all the time.

What gets me now is this piece-of-crap… let’s call him Brad (because I suspect I’ve figured out who Alyssa really is&#185)… playing the part of “Alyssa” tried to promote his scam using kids with diabetes. Is there no decency? Seriously.

Even worse, the comment was obviously written by a human, meaning someone consciously knew they were promoting hinky stuff through sick kids.

How ticked would you be?

Blogger’s note: I removed the offending links and left Alyssa’s comment so you could see.

&#185 – I’ve changed my mind. Brad probably didn’t do this directly. Most likely he sold someone (someone in Illinois I think) the ‘formula’ to do it. I found his sales pitch promoting this spam on another site.

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