Not A Good Day On The Internet

Today it is running so slowly I suspect my host has substituted a Commodore64 as the server!

It’s not a good techno day. I woke up to six emails. That’s too few–by far. What’s up with that? I’m sure in a few days, or weeks, I’ll hear from those whose emails aren’t getting here.

Maybe the mail problem is related to my website. Today it is running so slowly I suspect my host has substituted a Commodore64 as the server!

putty-cap.jpgThe attached image shows three numbers in the upper right corner. These show the server load. Anything greater than one means processes are queued. It sets up the Internet equivalent of twiddling your thumbs. Numbers is the mid-20s are scarily bad.

For most simple operations this slowdown isn’t obvious. However, when you use my database, like to leave a comment or search for an older entry, the website goes into suspended animation&#185!

It’s very frustrating because I know people abandon comments when the website isn’t responsive.

I’m not alone with grief today. Twitter seems to be down for the count. The latest tweets I can view are now three hours old.

Actually, a very few tweets must be getting through which is allowing the trending topics page to be dominated by the word, “frozen,” as is “Twitter is frozen.”

The Twitter status blog states:

Timeline delays this morning 1 hour ago

We are currently investigating a problem causing many users’ timelines to be delayed. We will update with status here shortly.

Twitter is amazing. I can’t remember any other web based service that’s had as many issues and are still widely used. How long can they dodge the bullet?

&#185 – This just in from my hosting company:


There was another user overloading mysql on the server. I have created an abuse report and suspended this user.

The load on the server has since dropped. This should resolve the issue.



Level 2 Tech Support

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