A Bad Day In Weatherland

God–this upset me. I wrote back and after apologizing for the forecast took him to task for what was surely a cheap shot

My forecast called for steady rain beginning Saturday afternoon and had all week long. You know where this is going, right?

There were sprinkles, but not everywhere and not with the intensity I expected.

There’s no way what happened could be considered anything but a busted forecast. Even if everyone else made the same forecast (likely) I’d like to think I’m more consistently dependable.

You have no idea how much this upsets me. When you predict the future you’ve got to expect some busts. Whatever. It’s not easy for me to take and it hasn’t gotten easier with time.

Maybe the fact I anguish over this is good for everyone. It’s important for me to remember people plan and depend on my forecast.

Here’s part of an email sent to me this evening:

We all know 8 day forecast’s are a media gimmick. Please go on the air and apologize for being wrong on the forecast and tell your audience that caveat emptor applies metaphorically when watching the 8 day forecast. Basically it is a 50/50 shot when a person attempts to put any faith in the 8 day forecast, err 5 days, err 3 days, err even 1 day.


I wrote back and after apologizing for the forecast took him to task for what was surely a cheap shot. We have since traded more emails and are, seemingly, on good terms.

He was frustrated at being let down. Me too.

6 thoughts on “A Bad Day In Weatherland”

  1. You’ve mentioned this type of reaction before, but I still have a hard time accepting that people actually bother to write in and complain- I think that sometimes people just like to be contrary.

    How about this- offer the complainers a money-back guarantee. If you’re wrong about your forecast, you give them back every penny they paid for it.

  2. My usual offer is a bet on the next day’s weather at 2:1 odds. Then I usually add we’ll keep going until they run out of money.

    I should be thick skinned. I am not.

    However, I really don’t want or need sympathy, nor was this viewer wrong to be disappointed. I’d be upset if he wasn’t.

    I say I can predict the future. Anything less is unacceptable. That fear of public failure is a great motivator. Unfortunately, sometimes hard work alone won’t produce the right forecast.

  3. With a academic background in climate science I say this with no small way…but I think you do a darn good job forecasting weather. The Tri-State area is at the cross-roads of the subtropics and the polar latitudes…and our weather comes from everywhere, so trying to pin it down is like trying to catch a month (lol). You do fine young man.

    Just don’t start hyping winter when November rolls around and play the long term climate averages and you’ll truly be the “star of the show” son.

    The 100 year old weatherman…

  4. I’ve been trying to remember to post here – I saw the weather on Saturday as a bonus. Maybe I am a “glass half full” gal, but geez – it was a prediction. Whenever the weather systems push back or do whatever they do, and we end up with a bonus day – I’m not mad!

    There are no guaruntees in life (well there are two but I’m not going there!)


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