For The Love Of Coffee

Each of the mugs we had hanging around the house had some design flaw (and always a different design flaw) which made them difficult to drink from without occasionally getting some coffee spillage.

coffee-mug.jpgWhen Stef graduated college, moved home and began to work, Helaine started making coffee every morning. Even with Stef’s job finished (“Deal Or No Deal” produced their 130 episodes in the blink of an eye) Helaine has continued to brew coffee every day.

Now, instead of stopping at Dunkin’ Donuts on my way in to work, I bring my coffee in a thermal mug.

Do you miss me Dunks? We’re still using your beans, but I know you feel scorned.

I was going to say it’s pretty neat–except it hasn’t been neat for me. Who knew thermal mugs had so many design problems made worse by my personal klutziness?

Each of the mugs we had hanging around the house had some flaw (and always a different flaw) which made them difficult to drink from without occasionally getting coffee ‘spillage.’ Thank heavens no one see me at work.

Today Helaine handed me a new mug and though I winced a little when I saw how much they cost (I wanted to make sure they were available online before I wrote this), it seems to solve most mug problems!

  • The coffee’s warm
  • There was no dripping in the car
  • There’s a button which opens the drinking spout allowing me to get a good flow of coffee with none on my shirt!

It’s a Contigo mug which Helaine bought on QVC. I usually find QVC to be a higher priced vendor, but their service is unquestionably excellent and it was very convenient for Helaine to order there.

OK–this is not a total love fest. As with most mugs this one has a bad shape/height combo. In my car’s drink holder this mug is too tall… too top heavy. I don’t think it’s going to fall out, but I can’t guarantee that.

Isn’t the size of mugs and cups something that can be standardized?

4 thoughts on “For The Love Of Coffee”

  1. The only thing I can assume, Geoff, is that they make them that size so you don’t have to worry about running out of coffee during rush house drives to (or even from) work.

  2. I was always on the same hunt for ‘the’ one travel mug I’d actually like. Found the Contigo on QVC last year and yes, I gulped at the price but after my first I bought 4 more and gave one as a gift to my husband, my nurse (who drives like 190mi/day), and so on…

    Well…happened to be in Costco 2 wks ago and what did my eyes behold? Oh yes- a set of Contigos. I couldn’t bear to look at the price. But I suspect it’s a deal!

    BTW – mine has never tipped over in the cars cupholder. Oh and I also use it in the summer to keep my ice cold drink – ice cold – even at the beach!

    Enjoy it!!

  3. I used to have a huge Dunkin Donuts mug that was perfect. It was huge, stable, didn’t drip and kept the coffee very hot. I used it every day for about 5 years until it wore out. I haven’t been able to find a suitable replacement yet and its been many more years.

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