In One Fell Swoop Google Makes GPS Units Obsolete!

Probably not a good day to own Tom Tom, Garmin or Magellan stock.

Verizon has been showing off its new Android based cellphone, “Droid.” Today came word it ships with turn-by-turn GPS navigation. If you buy the phone this functionality is FREE!

In other words, that GPS you have built into your dashboard or mounted-by-suction on your window–obsolete!

Google Maps Navigation is an internet-connected GPS navigation system with voice guidance. It is part of Google Maps for mobile and is available for phones with Android 2.0.

Google Maps Navigation uses your phone’s internet connection to give you the latest maps and business data.

Probably not a good day to own Tom Tom, Garmin or Magellan stock.

Word is this will be coming soon (possibly not quite as fully featured) to my iPhone. Apple and AT&T can’t afford not to.

Has there ever been a moment in history when so many game changing/industry changing events have come so quickly.

8 thoughts on “In One Fell Swoop Google Makes GPS Units Obsolete!”

  1. I dont think the In-Dash navigation systems will become obsolete quite yet. Maybe the software in them will soon be licensed from Mountain View, CA. If this will be internet based, then I see alot of scenarios where you would have to revert to good ole GPS.

    This will kill the TomTom handheld market. Google should also have the edge in “Augmented Reality” mapping, Street View, and their search functionality for nearby places.

    They better bring this to the iPhone. Although Apple could easily deny the app by claiming Google is altering “the iPhone’s distinctive user experience by replacing the iPhone’s core user interface” as they did with Google Voice.

  2. I’m not tossing my Garmin out the window just yet. The Google Maps app on my friend’s iPhone sent him down a snowmobile trail in the Berkshires late one night this past summer, and he ripped the undercarriage off his Toyota. Sometimes my Garmin tries to take me some unconventional ways, but it’s never taken me completely off the road!

  3. Before you comment, please watch the video. This is way beyond anything you’ve seen or used because the routing, based on traffic, is updated in real time via the Internet (which the phone provides).

    It’s everything the most sophisticated GPS units have now and then some! It’s a huge leap.

  4. Wow! That’s amazing!

    And since the Droid has Exchange push I might actually consider the Droid over a Windows phone like the HTC Touch Pro2.

  5. Even the iPhone now does push with Exchange servers. I am very excited about this phone and the technology. I very much like that it’s open source. We live in exciting times.

  6. Geoff, you’re probably right–the features are pretty impressive compared to those of conventional, dedicated GPS units. But keep in mind that what we’re seeing is a demo.

    For what it’s worth, I got a new Garmin a few months ago. It completely blows the doors off the Garmin I bought four years ago, at one quarter the cost. And there’s no monthly fee for using the unit.

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