Stef’s Going To Leave

We loved the Berenstain Bears Vacation, but Stef would never let me read Berenstain Bears Jobs–too short.

Stefanie is moving to California. She’ll be going in January. It is sad and scary and exciting.

Helaine and Stef were in the attic today. They were looking to see if there was anything there to take and (more importantly) to see what could be thrown out.

We’ve lived in this big house 20 years. That’s a blessing and a curse. Three people in a big house have lots of room to squirrel stuff away–and we did.

“Do you remember this?” Stef asked while holding up a shirt. The shirt pictured preteen Stef sitting with a few of her friends

With an iron-on kit I had taken an early digital photograph and created souvenir t-shirts for the girls. I would not have remembered it had she not held it there today.

stef-books.jpgBeing the strong brute of a man I am&#185 I was called on to carry down large plastic bins filled with books. Those I recognized right away. When Stef was a little girl I read from those book… in character. If it was Big Bird or Oscar or one of the Berenstain Bears I did the voice (poorly). Stef was less of a critic then!

We loved the Berenstain Bears Vacation, but Stef would never let me read Berenstain Bears Jobs–too short.

When I left my parents to move to Florida back in 1969 I packed everything I owned in my VW Beetle and still had room to pick up a hitchhiker who let me spend the night on a Georgetown University dormroom floor.

That’s not happening here.

&#185 – Hey, it’s my website. If I say I’m a brute I am.

4 thoughts on “Stef’s Going To Leave”

  1. Wow! That is big news — all the best to Stef as she prepares for quite an adventure. Now, the next question is….does Roxie go or stay??

  2. Geoff, it’s always hard when the kid moves out–especially when you go through the ‘stuff’ that accumulated.

    But, hopefully she’ll have a good time in CA. Right now the weateher in SOCAL is cool, and a bit cloudy. We’re easing into what passes for winter around here.

    Roxie will probably need the sunglasses–the ‘tude is optional. In general, this is a nice area for doggies–decent weather, few pests. Only issue is that Roxie should be kept indoors at night and under supervision when she’s outside. We do get predators like coyotes and lions occasinally on the outskirts of urban areas. I don’t know where Steffie is going to be, but she should be aware of that isssue…

  3. Good luck to Stef! We, your loyal readers, will certainly miss those Roxie photos, though…and more importantly, will Roxie still be a Phillies Fan?

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