More Doubt In The Stolen Climate Change Data

I always felt the climate change chorus were honorable people who just drew different conclusions than mine. Maybe not.

A few days ago the Climate Research Unit in England, a major source of global warming info, had its computer system hacked! I wrote then about the unearthing of some inconvenient truths.

It looks like some well publicized global warming evidence is the product of the books being cooked! It’s possible the loudest voices in this fight have been playing fast-and-loose with the truth when it doesn’t serve their purpose.

There’s been pushback from the CRU, but it seems thin. Scientists are parsing what they wrote, trying to sound less nefarious. I’m not buying.

I always felt the climate change chorus were honorable people who just drew different conclusions than mine. Maybe not.

Today has published some annotated computer code-the equations which produced the data which led to the theories (and solutions) espoused.

Like the emails published late last week this annotated code is embedded with strange comments you’d never expect to see. They make it seem like data that doesn’t fit the orthodoxy is being purged from the output and replaced with artificially ‘massaged’ data!

Uses “corrected” MXD – but shouldn’t usually plot past 1960 because these will be artificially adjusted to look closer to the real temperatures.

“[A]rtificially adjusted to look closer to the real temperatures.” Seriously, that’s not how science is supposed to be played.

In the real world complex data seldom fits theoretical expectations precisely. Unfortunately, human induced global warming is being sold hard as an irrefutable conclusion. There’s no room for natural noise in the data which might provide an out for doubters.

This story was on the front page of the NY Times over the weekend but it’s only smoldering now. Expect it to flare up in the next few days. There are too many deeply entrenched partisans for this to blow over.

It’s worth following.

One thought on “More Doubt In The Stolen Climate Change Data”

  1. When I was in college… (It may be hard to believe that I attended.) they warned us at orientation that three things would get you kicked out right away. Committing a felony (or acts that comprised one that could be proven but not beyond a reasonable doubt), plagiarism, and dry-labbing.

    Dry-labbing? I had never heard of that. My roommate, a science geek who is now a pretty well-known astronomer (you would love this guy), nodded his head. When you took a lab, if you knew the results you should get, but your observations failed to produce them (usually due to lab error)…you knew you were headed for a bad grade. And the road to medical school would close on you. So some folks would create lab results to look right. This was an expulsion-level offense, put on a par with bank robbery.

    Academic dishonesty is bad for students, but it’s really bad for people who earn a living in search of the truth. This is sad.

    It doesn’t surprise me though. These guys needed a result, right? Careers at stake?

    Well, we all know that the debate about global warm.. I mean, climate change, is over. (Is there a facetious emoticon?)

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