A Little Poker Talk

I am playing to win against big league pitching though the amount won or lost is really inconsequential. I’m not betting my 401-K here.

five-dollar-chips-at-venetian-poker-table.jpgIf you read my tweets on Twitter or follow me on Facebook you’ve seen a bunch of quick messages about playing poker. It is an understatement to say I enjoy the game.

I’m OK at it. Not bad. Not great. There are plenty who play better than I do.

Playing poker in Las Vegas has always been enjoyable because the best players are here&#185. I am playing to win against big league pitching.

The amount won or lost is really unimportant. I’m not betting my 401-K here. This is not a life changing experience. I like the action and play at stakes that are interesting without being dangerous.

My goal for this trip was to play ‘tight aggressive.’ That means I only play quality hands and play them for what they are. I do very little sneaking around–very little bluffing. If I’ve got a hand I raise it. If I don’t or the value of the hand I’m holding diminishes I fold.

These are cards, not children. I have no mortal bond to support them!

My goal is to prevent folks with bad cards from seeing a cheap flop (poker talk–don’t worry) and catching cards to beat me. That’s where the aggression comes in. Good hands are raised aggressively.

And like I said, if my cards have been counterfeited (other cards showing to make mine worth less) I’m outta there.

I have played six cash game sessions on this trip. So far I have come out ahead all six times.

There’s certainly some luck there, but I’m playing well. In poker playing well means playing disciplined. I am proud of keeping to my plan.

Staying disciplined is easier said than done. After all, any time you fold you’re sitting doing nothing, just watching. I must resist the temptation.

Though I’ve won six cash sessions I did bust out in a tournament my first day. I’ll be playing that same tourney in just a few minutes.

Tournament action is different than cash. You’re less able to sit and wait because the cost of just sitting (blinds) is continually rising. On top of that only the top 10% or so get paid. The vast majority playing tonight will lose.

My aim tonight is to play tough and survive.

&#185 – The best players are here, but Internet play on average is probably a little better than Vegas live play.

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  1. Geoff,

    I play with my friends a couple times a month. I never heard of the “cheap flop” but I love the strategy. Many times people with lousy cards make it to the flop and steal a hand. I think the next time we play there won’t be too many cheap flops.

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