Darlene Love Means It’s Christmas

I realized I was acting like those people who’ve seen Rocky Horror Picture Show a few dozens times and now talk back to the on-screen dialog.

darlene-love-christmas.jpgIt is said Jews have written the best Christmas songs. This is what we talk about while going to the movies and having Chinese food on Christmas Day. There’s White Christmas and The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) and Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). The latter has the distinction of also being the finest Christmas song from a convicted murderer–Phil Spector.

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) was performed tonight on the Letterman show by Darlene Love. She’s been doing it on his last show before Christmas as long as I remember and I look forward to it every year. I’m not alone.

For late night TV this is a big budget production. Along with Paul Shaffer and the band there was a nine voice chorus, six string players plus a few brass pieces and other instruments I surely missed.

Darlene’s still got it. She belts the song. She hits the notes while staying mainly on key. She wears a skirt short enough to shame women a third her age and gets away with it.

Darlene is always on last. That makes her appearance late enough that I’d never watched it with company until tonight. I had to drop off something at my friend Rick’s house and we watched from his basement.

What a scam! The man works from a studio in his basement. Sorry–jealousy getting the best of me.

Rick is an announcer. You have heard him a million times. He sounds like God.

I always wanted to be an announcer, but wasn’t born with the equipment. I told him tonight he is my Mickey Mantle.

Darlene finally came. I waited a year for this. I was excited. Rick, not so much.

As the song began I told him what was coming next. I realized I was acting like those people who’ve seen Rocky Horror Picture Show a few dozens times and now talk back to the on-screen dialog.

It made no difference. Darlene was magical. The song is hers alone.

I left Rick’s a few minutes after Darlene’s exit. I watched her again a few times on the DVR at home.

This is obsessive behavior right? It’s the way I know it’s really Christmas.

5 thoughts on “Darlene Love Means It’s Christmas”

  1. I flew home last night and in the hub bub that followed forgot to set the DVR. I’m heartbroken. Ever since you turned me on to Darlene Love’s appearance every year I haven’t missed and even have watched all the old ones on You Tube.

  2. a few points…

    • yes announcing’s a great gig.

    • yes, doing it from your home is sweet. as long as the work keeps coming.

    • i am not the mickey mantle of vo’s…i’m more a decent utility player.

    • i am not the voice of god…i know the voice of god and his names hal. i’m not worthy to carry his neumann .

    •i have seen darlene love many christmases on letterman. but the christmas morn wonder in your eyes made it all the better this time.

    merry christmas and happy new year

  3. If your friend Rick used to do the AM drive time on WPLR in the eighties, (and I strongly suspect that’s the man), tell him I miss him. Great pipes, by the way, and definitely beyond a utility fielder. I used to enjoy listening to music in the morning, not inane drivel. Oh well, the price of progress, I suppose.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. I know I’m late to the party, but Darlene Love on Letterman has become a Christmas tradition at my house. We were so sad the year that the writers were on strike and no Darlene (not even the previous year’s appearance)! I cry every year and my husband gets a little misty. And we were both raised Christian, but now go to the movies and have Japanese food on Christmas Eve each year.

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