Nearly Outta Here

I wonder if Roxie can hold her water for eight hours? We’re taking her too.

hollywood sign from mullhulland dr.jpgSouthwest allows two 50 pound bags per passenger… you know, the way it used to be. That means we’re flying with 300 pounds of luggage (plus carry-ons) as we take Stef to SoCal in the morning.

I wonder if Roxie can hold her water for eight hours? We’re taking her too.

We are a family that cries at commercials. I hate Walmart and I still cry every time I see this! So you can only imagine the emotional roller coaster we’re on as our only child gets ready to move three time zones away.

I know Stef is apprehensive. It’s a helluva step. We have total confidence in her. She will grow to appreciate how smart and fast she is. That will serve her well. She will compete favorably in an increasingly competitive world.

Helaine is nervous too. Stef is more than her daughter. In the months since Stef graduated they’ve grown closer. They’re still mother and daughter, but also friends and companions.

My wife is a list keeper–a planner. This move is well planned and has already been in motion for a while.

rav4 in sherman oaks.jpgAll Stef’s boxes, save one, have arrived at my secretive friend’s house in The Valley. The last box is due tomorrow. Stef’s car came today. My friend emailed me a photo as it came off the car carrier.

If he would let me mention his name I would publicly thank him. He already knows how eternally appreciative we are for his friendship and assistance.

Originally I thought I was tagging along because it would be wrong to leave me home. Now I realize I’m a hired hand. There’s a bedroom to be painted, furniture and a TV to be purchased and all sorts of errands to be run.

Things are different in the 21st Century. We’ve got cell phones and computers and Skype. Communications have never been better. We’ll be closely in touch.

It’s just won’t be the same.

2 thoughts on “Nearly Outta Here”

  1. I can see you and Helaine are very proud of Stef. Like you, I am sure she will knock the socks off of her coworkers.

    And yes, the internet and related tools does make it easier to keep in touch, but as you implied, you will miss the physical contact.

    It’s part of what is called “empty-nest” syndrome.

    Good luck to you Stef as you being your new journey, kudos to you and Helaine, Geoff, as you write a new chapter in your lives, and extreme kudos to the car transporter and your secret friend in the Valley who made things go very smoothly.

  2. The funny thing, Jeff, is that they do grow up in spite of us. They become an embedded part of all we do and we can’t help trying to help them all the time… We sometimes forget where growing up ends up and adulthood takes over. Hang in there. I’m 72 and it is still hard to sit back and let them make mistakes and not say something, but we gotta’ let it happen! Let go, but never give up!

    Best wishes; Frank

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