Helping Stef Get Settled

Wow! What a day. We are doing our best to get Stef off on the right foot.

Wow! What a day. We are doing our best to get Stef off on the right foot. That translates to an “I can’t remember when I did as much physical work–ever” day!

At least the weather cooperated. We were well into the 70s with crystal clear blue skies. There was a little morning haze in the valley, but it burned off.

Kudos to Helaine for figuring out we needed a mom-mobile and not a sedan. We’ve got a Dodge Grand Caravan. Four seats have been folded into the carpeting. The space is huge. We needed it.

ikea in burbank california.jpgFirst stop Ikea in Burbank. Helaine and Stef had already scoped out what they wanted. We double checked, marked it down and plucked the boxes from the shelves.

I have volunteered to assemble the furniture. I’m in over my head, right?

geoff with california doggies.jpgSince Stef has Roxie with her we went to arrange ‘daycare’ should it be necessary. This was really cool because as the owner of the place took us to her backyard today’s dogs poured out.

Nice doggies. I spent some quality tush time with them.

Next we got paint at Home Depot. I’ll let Helaine and Stef handle that while I drive to my friend’s house to pick up the ten large boxes shipped here.

Finally we bought a mattress. We went to one store which didn’t have what we wanted and sent us to see his friend at a different store down the block. The mattress arrives in the morning.

We’re taking my secretive friend to dinner tonight. It’s warm. We’re going to a restaurant with a patio so we can bring Roxie.

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