I’m Sorta Like Bob Vila

We accomplished a lot today. We’re not finished, but we’re moving in that direction.

home-depot-parking-lot.jpg“Greg, you’re like Bob Vila.” Those were Stef’s words as she looked at the freshly assembled furniture in her freshly painted bedroom.

Greg? No, it’s not my name, but it is what Stef calls me.

She calls Helaine Helen or sometimes just H.

By the way, after assembling the bed I told Stef it will only support the weight of one person. I’m probably not as convincing as I once was.

socal-window-view.jpgAnother busy day in SoCal. I understand it snowed today in Connecticut. Do you really want to know what the weather was here?

We accomplished a lot today. We’re not finished, but we’re moving in that direction.

Meanwhile Roxie is totally unnerved by everything that’s going on. Today she barked at a woman with a walker. Hopefully this phase passes. Right now it’s troubling.

One more California sighting before I close this entry. The common entryway to Stef’s apartment building was being painted today. The painters were both blond and pleasantly skanky. This was not the occupation one would have expected for them. Of course, who am I to say?

Tonight we’re having dinner with a friend from college and his wife. I’m looking forward to it… and then to bed!

2 thoughts on “I’m Sorta Like Bob Vila”

  1. My parents’ dog (a big black lab) went on a pee and hunger strike when they moved from Torrington to South Carolina two years ago. Once they got settled in their new house, Charley calmed down and was back to her normal, hyper self.

    My guess is that Roxie will probably be fine once she adjusts to the big change.

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