My Strange Letterman Tickets Story

A woman was on the other end. She asked if we were still available? When I said yes she said I should get a pen and paper

letterman-theater-facade.jpg“Maybe we could see Letterman?” That was Helaine talking yesterday while we were figuring out what to do in Manhattan.

I looked at the Late Show website. It looked like our date was open, plus they were accepting group ticket requests. In other words there were seats to spare!

I filled out the web form (day phone, night phone, cellphone) and promptly forgot about it.

Late this afternoon my phone rang. The caller was listed as “Unidentified.”

A woman was on the other end. She asked if we were still available? When I said yes she said I should get a pen and paper. I needed to call Jack, the audience coordinator and she gave me a CBS “975” exchange number&#185.

It seemed a little cumbersome… maybe weird is a better characterization. But Dave and everything that surrounds him is a little weird, so I dialed. The voicemail message asked for my name and phone and admonished to leave a message just once.

That was 6:35 PM. Nearly four hours later, no callback.

I called Jack seconds after I was called so I expected to hear something… anything.

So, will we be seeing Dave along with Claire Danes, Will Arnett, James Taylor and Carole King (whose daughter I once flirted with and whose “It Might As Well Rain Until September” is one of Rock’s most under-appreciated love songs)? No clue. I’ll let you know.

&#185 – When I was a kid the CBS main number was 765-4321. Please don’t ask how I know this but couldn’t remember the color of Stef’s eyes!

2 thoughts on “My Strange Letterman Tickets Story”

  1. My odd Letterman tickets story? (I’ve seen him twice, though not since I left the East Coast) The first time, a page just stopped me on 52nd street and asked me if I wanted to go- and that I needed to go right now. (I had no time to even tell my wife-)

    You’ll love this one- I lived in Hell’s Kitchen and I was behind Biff Henderson at the Rite Aid in my building. I told him that I really enjoyed him on the show. He thanked me- and he said, “Hey. Want to go to the show?” I said, “Um… Yeah!!!” We walked to the studio together and he took care of it.

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