Wrong Numbers And Etiquette

I am so tempted to call back and give ’em a piece of my mind!

In the good old days if you dialed a phone number and got it wrong you apologized and went on your way. OK–not everyone did. If you didn’t apologize you were a jerk, but you got away with it. Phone calls were reasonably anonymous.

Enter Caller ID. It’s not in every phone, but it’s in most.

I still get wrong numbers. Surprisingly even with Caller ID when they hear a strange voice they still usually hang up. I had one Friday night. It was my second of the week.

I am so tempted to call back and give them a piece of my mind! I am just hot headed enough to do that, but I don’t. Oh, it is so tempting.

If you feel like commenting on the blog I’d like to know what you do?

11 thoughts on “Wrong Numbers And Etiquette”

  1. If I don’t know the name or number on the caller ID, I let the machine get it. If it’s someone I want to talk to I’ll intercept the recording. Can’t recall the last time I was hung up on by a wrong number, but I do get two or 3 people a month calling Gravy Master to report in sick. Numbers are very close to each other.

  2. If I do not recognize the number on Caller ID, I let the answering machine take it. If it someone I know calling from another phone, sometimes I will pick it up.

  3. Yeah, it’s rude. But really, no skin off your nose. Figure it this way – they’re minimizing the length of the unintended interruption by hanging up quickly.
    Or maybe they suddenly realized they mis-dialed, and think they’ve hung up before you pick up. As the kids say, ‘what-ev’.
    Zen out. So many other things to worry about. It’s sunny. It’s Spring.
    Inhale. Exhaaaaale…. ah.

    (Of course, easy to say. I have my own things that irritate me because of a lack of perspective.)

  4. If I call a wrong number, I feel compelled to apologize. when I answer a call that turns out to be a wrong number, I ask what number they were trying to dial. i then explain they either dialed the right one, but the person they were looking for is not at this number. if it is a misdial, then they know not to keep calling the same number back. Really, how hard is that?

  5. I have had some interesting conversations with people that call, I answer, and then we both realize they have the wrong number. With caller ID I will usually ignore the unknown name unknown number, 800 numbers ect, but if it is a local call I feel compelled to pick up.
    If I dial a wrong number, I will apologize and move on….some people are nice, some not so much. Manners….. my mom drilled them into me, and now I drill them into my children. Seems like manners are becoming a “thing” of the past….

  6. depends on the hour. If someone calls @ 12am and doesn’t apologize, not the same as 3pm. But what can you really do? Nothing.

  7. If I dial a wrong number, I apologize and then hang up and check the number I’m calling.
    If I get a wrong number call? I’ve had some pretty nice chats! I always laugh and tell
    the person that’s OK, we all make mistakes. The only time I’m not laughing if it’s
    2 A.M.

  8. We have a “secret” number that comes into master control. It’s weird that we get more wrong number calls than actual calls on it. I once had someone call that line insisting they had dialed Domino’s Pizza. The best part is that we do not share one single digit with Domino’s.

  9. If I don’t recognize a number , I usually won’t answer. If people actually leave a message, I will call them back and let them know they dialed a wrong number.

  10. Dear Geoff,
    I get many wrong numbers every month owing I think to the fact that my number has two sets of repeating digits in it. I can’t remember the last time someone was ugly about it. I’m not ugly either though. They made a mistake, I make lots.

  11. If I dial a wrong number I apologize. If I answer a wrong number I ask what number they’re dialing and inform them they have misdialed or that there is no one by that name at this number. It’s just common courtesy and something that I hope I’ve taught my stepsons.

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