Mom’s Home And On The Mend

That’s not to say she isn’t in some pain. She is. The percocets have begun to flow.

First impression–my mom is doing better than I expected! That’s not to say she isn’t in some pain. She is. The percocets have begun to flow.

Still, she was able to get out of bed and sit at the dining room table for dinner. I went to Subway for three roasted chicken subs. Hey Subway–I love those roasted chicken subs.

My mom’s arm is living in its own little foam rubber house. Without a hard cast this is the way the arm is kept immobile. When she sees her orthopod in a week it will be replaced by something a little more substantial. Stef suggested she ask for it to be made in pink.

I’m not sure if the attached photo gives an idea of how cumbersome the foam form is, but we drove back from the hospital with my mom NOT wearing her seatbelt. When I tried to fasten it the belt kept going up across her throat!

A friend said tomorrow would be the worst day then she’d slowly get better. We take it moment-by-moment.

4 thoughts on “Mom’s Home And On The Mend”

  1. So happy to see Mom is home. Tell her to drink lots of fluids and take her pain meds on time. She will do great! I feel like I know your parents personally from the great photos and videos you’ve shared with us. Keep us updated and give her a big hug from all of us!

  2. Oh yes the pain meds….I made a BIG mistake when I came home from the hospital after my first back surgery. My sister (a nurse) told me that I should set my alarm, so I could get up and take my pain meds. Me thinking I knew better thought..well if I am sleeping, why should I bother waking up? BIG MISTAKE. I woke up after a six hour stretch, and I HURT like the dickens. Took a long time to get the pain level back to an acceptable place, and I set my alarm after that!

    Love the foam contraption. Now that is not something you see every day!! How cool is that!

  3. g-d bless your mom- and your dad, too. I have to echo what Doris said re: pain meds. That was my experience with surgery and pain- you have to have faith in the doctors. Are they giving her physical therapy afterward? So important. I hope her recovery goes as well as possible. Amazing though- I’ll bet you 25 years ago, you’d be in the hospital for a week. And that’s not healthy for anyone-

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