We’re At The Hospital

We came early, before the doors were open! We waited.

I am in the waiting room at the Rothman Center, part of John F. Kennedy Hospital in Atlantis, FL. It sounds so community but the Internet sign-in page say HCA, a huge national hospital chain started by the family of former Senator Bill Frist.

We were told to be here at 5:30 AM. We came early, before the doors were open! We waited. I suspect this morning will be marked by lots of waiting.

I’m typing this from the 2nd floor waiting room. Married With Children is blaring from a ceiling mounted TV. They did not scrimp on the sweetened soundtrack when they produced this gem. It is loud and crude and seems inappropriate for this setting were many people will be on edge.

My mom has just been taken in for pre-op. As soon as her IV is started we’ll be brought in.

By the time we leave her elbow should be repaired and she should be on-her-way to full recovery.

And so the day begins.

2 thoughts on “We’re At The Hospital”

  1. Geoff,
    I went through the same thing when I went for my spinal fusion. They told me to be there at 5am, and we were not allowed upstairs till around 6am. Then the intake, wait in one room to be prepped, changed, and then down to the pre op waiting….for about an hour…laying on a gurney. One of the few surgeries left that is not an in and out in one day…..but I was ready to leave after one night!!!! Never got any rest in the hospital!! Not a place condusive to sleep, no matter what they give you, they will still wake you up every hour to check your vital signs….My 3 other surgeries on my back I left within 24 hours….not a big fan of staying in the hospital, rather be home in my own bed!!
    Hope you brought some good reading with you!!
    best wishes to you and yours

  2. Hope all goes smoothly with your mother’s surgery. Keep us posted. I’ll say a prayer for her and all of you.

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