Entertained On The Plane

It was video coming down. It’s been audio on the way home. I just listened to “This American Life” then WNYC’s “RadioLab.”

Greeting from seat 4A. I have no clue where I am except it’s 10:01 PM and it’s dark outside.

I’m on Southwest which is old school as far as entertainment is concerned. There is no entertainment other than what you bring yourself.

There’s a laptop in my bag in the overhead, but it’s the iPhone I writing this blog entry on that’s been stocked to entertain.

It was video coming down. It’s been audio on the way home. I just listened to “This American Life” then WNYC’s “RadioLab.”

What sets these two podcasts apart is their ability to tell a story in a full and richly detailed way. You just don’t hear radio like this ever. It’s a shame. It’s really entertaining. I’d say it’s also educational, but that would probably turn you off.

The first story was about a young girl who became General Manuel Noriega’s pen pal. The story was fascinating and I’d never heard it before. Second up was a woman whose imprisoned husband wrote a letter every day for eight years. Not as good. Finally I heard the story of a assisted living facility in Germany that erected a faux bus stop to catch wandering patients. I couldn’t stop listening.

Maybe this is an acquired taste? I’m not scared to listen. I can’t see my daughter doing this willingly. She’d probably enjoy them anyway.

“Sully” says 50 miles to go. I can now see New Haven under the plane. Almost home.

It goes more quickly when you’re entertained and busy.

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  1. This American life is probably my favorite hour of the week (in my car). I listen to numerous podcasts and radio shows, but this is by far the best. The variety of stories is excellent. The episode this week, about NUMMI, a joint-venture auto plant set up by Toyota and GM is very interesting. When telling new friends about the show, I feel like an evangelist! If you have not heard it, go into their archives and listen to show #354 – Mistakes were made. I sat in the driveway for 20 minutes to finish that one after I arrived home!

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