New Contacts

I’ve been wearing my contact lenses for a while now. I’ve been wearing them even though the prescription was not quite right and I was blinking enough to look like I was sending semaphore! Hopefully that’s now changed.

I just saw Mary and Peter at the eyeglass place and am wearing new contacts. As I understand it these multifocal torics with a half dozen separate prescribed parameters are custom made.

The prescription has changed as has the actual size of the lenses. The old ones were moving around too much I am told. That could be part of the blinking problem.

My mother (healing nicely now with her arm in a sling) is impressed I can put them in. The whole idea of touching one’s own eyeball is beyond gross!

Going to the eyeglass place has the advantage of free samples. I got more wetting fluid, a little plastic case, some drops and of course a new set of lenses to try. Like a heroin dealer the cost will go up from here.

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