Flowering Trees Are Beautiful And Painful!

I’m tearing, but these are not tears of joy! It’s tough to get angry at the trees when their blooms are so beautiful.

The past few days have been brutal on my eyes. They are raw and sore. By the end of the day all I want to do is close them.

On yesterday’s noon news Dr. Mel said the tree pollen count, which can go to 12, was at 11.5. Historic level!

I’m tearing, but these are not tears of joy!

It’s tough to get angry at the trees when their blooms are so beautiful. Pictured below is a macro shot which means the image produced is larger than the original.

Spring blooms like these don’t last long–thankfully.

Props to my friend Steve who suggested a smaller aperture for macro shots for a larger depth-of-field. There’s still a lot out-of-focus but a lot more that’s sharp.

This shot is at f/13, 1/500 second, ISO 800 using a Tamron 70-200mm lens at 151mm with a cheapie screw-on close-up adapter.

One thought on “Flowering Trees Are Beautiful And Painful!”

  1. Hi Geoff. You’ve been off from doing the weather so much lately, I wondered what was going on, how your family is and everything, if everything’s okay with you? I think that way because I’m the primary care-taker (watcher) of our Mom, who is 83, and in our big family there’s always something going on.

    Even though I trekked to West Hartford (from Bristol) for 10 years to get allergy shots for year-round multiple allergies, I still get hit with them. Aggravating my eyes not only with genealogy research online and all the reading and art and needlecrafts I do, the pollen’s hitting me like a ton of bricks, especially on windy days right now. It not only makes my eyes very sensitive, but burning, itching, etc. and gets into my inner ears, resulting in a lovely, screeching ringing and slight dizziness, so I sympathize. My main remedies are eye-wash, saline solution nasal spray and eye-drops for allergy eyes, but I don’t wear contacts, thankfully limited to glasses for close-up.

    I’m not technically oriented, especially with cameras, but I got a digital with a 10X zoom and ability to get close-ups and I love taking pictures of flowers and wildlife around here. It’s really surprising what nice pictures you can get. It’s nice to be able to delete the bad ones, too!

    I hope you and your family are well and I look forward to you brightening up the forecasts on Channel 8 again..Linda H.

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