The Bottom Of The Coffee Cup Collection

We’re using cups I haven’t seen in years. Unearthing these cups is like going on an archeological dig.

My folks are here. It’s great having them. We’re trying to show them as good a time as is possible. Would you expect different?

Every morning Helaine makes decaf coffee for them (aka – warm brown water) and real coffee for me (aka – real coffee). Over the course of a day or two that’s a large number of cups going into a large number of cups.

Am I confusing you yet?

Between dishwashing cycles we’ve made it to the bottom of the coffee cup supply. We’re using cups I haven’t seen in years. Unearthing these cups is like going on an archeological dig.

I’m not sure where the orange WFIL cup came from, but 560 WFIL was Philadelphia’s premiere top-40 station in the 60s, and 70s. By the 80s music on AM faded. I’m not sure what WFIL’s doing today. Whatever it is would be sad to hear.

The WTNH cup has to be old just by virtue of the rectangular “8” logo. There was a time when TV stations didn’t realize viewers would watch local stations while getting ready for work or school! Our pre-Good Morning America newscasts were underfunded, understaffed and in many ways afterthoughts.

When I got the Good Morning America cup it was filled to the brim with coffee. It came from Harold, one of the GMA stagehands. It is indicative of the level of staffing and importance that show held. That was part of why I enjoyed doing GMA so much.

How many jobs still come with free coffee and someone to wrangle it? Don’t answer. Too depressing.

7 thoughts on “The Bottom Of The Coffee Cup Collection”

  1. Wow! Blast from the past with the old WTNH logo! Looks like you guys are getting ready to change again, judging by the new graphic on mobilewtnh.. confirm or deny?

  2. I remember well waking up with Channel 8 in the 1980s. Was the host’s name Gary Jenkins? Poor guy looked like he was the only one in the building! Did they set up the camera the night before? Also, Dr. Mel was appearing by phone, if I recall. That was pretty spartan!

  3. It must be the “Florida Oranges Syndrome Inherited” or FOSI that makes you crave decaf coffee and tea! My Helaine always stresses drink “decaf”! since we winter in Delray Beach! E-mail us with phone info so we can talk to your parents about linking up when we head south next fall. We still love that movie about your parents! Bob and Lainie.

  4. WFIL is now a religious station. The mug brings back memories of all the years I listened and the talent that came out of the station – Joel Denver, George Michaels, Dr. Don Rose just to name a few. I’m sure you can add to the list as well.

  5. My husband and I watch Channel 8 news at 6:00 PM every evening and have been wondering why you seem to be on that particular broadcast less & less often lately. We miss you when you’re not there.

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